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2023 PROSPEC Drivers

RookieZandara Kennedy

  • Team Name: Zee Drives
  • Car Number: 111
  • Car Manufacturer: Nissan +
  • Tire Manufacturer: GT Radial +


Zandara “Zee" Kennedy is a professional stunt performer and stunt driver from Vancouver, Canada - if you watch movies or TV, you've most likely seen her in action.

She loves to operate anything with a motor, from scooters to scissor lifts to tractor trailers, and is happiest when driving them sideways. Her desire to perfect her craft brought her focus to drifting, where she worked with coach and FD Veteran Taka Aono (Drift School USA) to improve her skills, eventually earning her FD license in 2021. She is very excited to be joining FD’s 20th season with Taka and his longtime spotter, Yoshie Shuyama on her team for her rookie year.

When not on set, on fire, or under her cars, she loves to share her passion for drifting with as many people as possible, and works with Racing Pride, Athlete Ally and the Della Penna Next Gen foundation to promote diversity of all kinds in motorsport.