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Tyler Nelson

  • Team Name: Shelby American Drift Team
  • Car Number: 7
  • Car Manufacturer: Ford +
  • Tire Manufacturer: Nexen +


Competitive Motorsports are my life. Since the age of 3, all I've wanted to do was to be a race car driver. And since then, my life has been dedicated to that dream. When I was 15, my family and I moved to Race City USA, Mooresville, NC, where all sorts of racing was booming. At 18 years old, I bought my first stick shift car, a 1992 Nissan 240sx (yep, the same one I'm driving now). I learned about drifting and I was HOOKED. It came to me naturally, and I realized I could build my car as my funds became available. My dream started to take shape and become a reality. Drifting is what I love and I won’t stop until I am the best at it. Thank you to all of you that make this drift thing possible and thank you for the support! I look forward to the rest of my career... that has only just begun.