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2023 PROSPEC Drivers

RookieShawn Illingworth

  • Team Name: Specter Built
  • Car Number: 73
  • Car Manufacturer: Nissan +
  • Tire Manufacturer: GT Radial +


Shawn Illingworth lives and breathes the aftermarket automotive scene, from the age of 7 when he started competitively offroad racing to now professionally drifting and running his own vinyl wrap shop and service center for building competitive race cars.

After consistently reaching the podium in his youth offroad races, he looked for a new challenge and started his drifting career where he has proved his dominance. Competing in various pro-am drift comps since 2015, winning numerous “shootouts” earning his Formula Drift Pro-Spec License in 2021/2022 with scheduled races for the 2023 season.

Shawn has built up a reputation through the grassroots drifting community, viral videos, various drift builds and vehicles in all realms of motorsports. A fan favorite to the car community for his tasteful builds and effortless aggressive driving style.

Being the showman he is, he is never dull in front of a camera or audience. Feeding off of the crowd's energy, it goes without saying, he is always putting on the best show possible.