2019 pro Drivers

Faruk Kugay

  • Team Name: FK53
  • Car Number: 53
  • Car Manufacturer: BMW


Faruk Kugay :: Vigor, Passion, Precision 


Born in the small city of Swidnik, Poland, from a Polish mother and a Laz father, Faruk immigrated to the United States when he was very young. Growing up in San Francisco, he found car culture and racing fascinating from a young age. He started drifting in 2002 but was not able to pursue the sport professionally due to financial reason, so he remained close to his passion by helping and working at drifting events. In 2007 he moved to Europe and there he continued organizing events, teaching drifting, announcing, as well as judging. In 2009 he started working as the creative director of a magazine dedicated to drifting called Works Mag. After re-entering competitive drifting as a driver in 2012, he decided to dedicate himself to compete professionally in Formula Drift. In 2014 he earned his Pro-2 license through his local Pro-am series in Norther California, Golden Gate Drift. In 2015 he earned his Pro 1 License and has since been competing in Pro 1.