2022 PROSPEC Drivers

Derek Madison

  • Team Name: Team Infamous
  • Car Number: 27
  • Car Manufacturer: Nissan ·
  • Tire Manufacturer: GT Radial ·


Meet Derek! Derek has been into all kinds of sports since a very young age. Always being a leader in any sport, why change that after making the transition into drifting. He started out as a grassroots drifter and in a short time he has built a very successful brand and drift team of six drivers, a full crew and media team! He has grown the team brand by building matching cars, getting the fans involved, and having a positive attitude on and off the track!
Derek is a perfect representation of what professional drifting is becoming. Having a very successful team, excellent and innovative marketing, and the insane passion for drifting he will always remain in the spotlight. Rather he's standing on the podium, gets knocked out early or standing in the booth talking to fans, he always has a positive reflection on the drifting community. Derek is always looking to help grow the sport of drifting and bring in more fans by giving ride-a-longs to new fans, selling merchandise in the booth or doing demos with the team.