2024 PRO Drivers

Daniel Stuke

  • Team Name: MspeK Performance
  • Car Number: 527
  • Car Manufacturer: Nissan
  • Tire Manufacturer: Vitour +


Daniel Stuke, originally from Minnesota, found his adrenaline fix in snowboarding and action sports before transitioning to the world of drifting. His background in extreme sports instilled in him a fearless approach to pushing boundaries, making the switch to drifting a natural progression.

With a knack for precision and control, Stuke quickly made a name for himself in the drifting scene, showcasing his skills and passion for motorsport on the track. His journey serves as inspiration for those looking to channel their passions into new and exciting endeavors. Daniel's impact extends beyond Formula Drift, particularly through his dedicated contributions to the FullLock Drift school and his active involvement in the automotive community.

At FullLock Drift school, Stuke leads by example, offering his expertise to enthusiasts, guiding them to refine their skills and embrace the complexities of drifting. Through his humble dedication, he fosters an inclusive environment, bridging gaps between professionals and newcomers.

Stuke's steadfast commitment not only ensures the enduring vibrancy of the drift scene but also inspires enthusiasts to pursue their passion and camaraderie both on and off the track.

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