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Alec Hohnadell

  • Team Name: Hohnadell Racing
  • Car Number: 118
  • Car Manufacturer: Nissan
  • Tire Manufacturer: Nexen +


"Over the last 19 years, Alec Hohnadell has had a storied Motorsport racing career moving his way from amateur motocross and to professional watercraft before he naturally transitioned to Formula Drift. Along the way, he captured 2 Tri-State Championships and over 100 podium finishes before he retired from motocross and won an IJSBA World Championship, 5 APBA National Championships and 2 UWP Championships in watercraft racing after earning the distinction of youngest racer to acquire an IJSBA/APBA Professional Racing License. 

Hohnadell completed his first year in Drifting with a win at the Streetwise Pro-Am National Championship when he was just a 17-year-old high school senior. He earned his Formula Drift Pro 1 Race License and became one of the youngest drivers to compete in Formula Drift and the youngest racer to earn a Podium Finish. Hohnadell is also considered one of Formula Drift’s top drivers and is among the most respected, recognized and strongest competitors on grid. His goal for 2019 is to become the youngest Formula Drift Champion. The drive and determination that Hohnadell showed in those early years of racing launched him into a successful career that continues into 2019."

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