Forrest Wang

Originating from the North Shore of Oahu, HI, Forrest has been drifting since the age of 15. Growing up Forrest drove older, less expensive cars to practice the art, but has since moved forth to pilot fully built high horsepower racecars in the more recent years. He has always had a pedal-to-the-metal style, which has helped him achieve numerous victories and podiums around the world in several professional series. Forrest has been setting trends since 1999 when he was the first one on the island to complete a SR20DET swap. Following that, he attended and graduated the Leeward Community College automotive program, which, in addition to a great amount of hands-on learning, further taught him the ways of automotive mechanics. Forrest utilized his knowledge and started building bigger and better drift cars that helped him score victories in many professional drift events worldwide. Wanting to better himself and his knowledge of the workings of a racecar, Forrest moved to Arizona where he joined up with Full Race Motorsports and became a master at fabrication work. Forrest decided to put his automotive and business knowledge to work and came to Las Vegas, NV to open up shop with his own hobby shop, Get Nuts Laboratory. Since opening the doors, he and his small team consisting of Manager Arianna Courte and Crew Chief Garret Nikolich, have taken on and completed many unique builds and projects. Forrest stays busy cranking out some of the best work on the West Coast, but always manages to spend at least a day or two every week practicing and improving his driving techniques. He is competing with his 2JZGTE swapped Nissan S15. With the momentum from last season of FD, and an upgraded list of parts for the new racecar, Forrest is ready to dominate in 2016.