Daigo Saito - #87

Daigo Saito is considered the world's best drifter by many. If it wasn't for a chance encounter with a late night drift meeting, Saito may have never been introduced to the world of drifting. From that moment on he was determined to become a drifter himself and set out to become the best at it. Determination and perseverance define Daigo as a driver. He has been relentless in his pursuit of the championship title at various competitions around the world. His signature fast entry speeds and tremendous amounts of angle makes him a crowd and judge favorite. Daigo has won the Japanese D1 Grand Prix, Formula Drift Asia Championship, and in 2012, his first US Formula Drift Championship. He's the first driver to ever win both the Japanese D1 Grand Prix and US Formula Drift Championships. Daigo Saito will be a force to be reckoned with for years to come.

2013 Formula DRIFT USA - Ace of the Decade
2012 Formula DRIFT USA - Champion
2012 Formula DRIFT Asia - Champion
2012 Formula DRIFT USA - Rookie of the Year
2012 Formula DRIFT USA - Ace of the Year
2008 D1 Grand Prix Champion

NAME - Daigo Saito

AGE - 35

HEIGHT - 5'10"

WEIGHT - 170



HOMETOWN - Tokyo, Japan

RESIDENCE - Tokyo, Japan

LANGUAGES - Japanese

OCCUPATION - Pro Drifter