Chelsea DeNofa

Since the start of his racing career, 28 year-old Chelsea DeNofa has had his hands in several forms of racing. His ability to balance an aggressive style and accurate driving techniques have set him apart from the rest in Drifting, Road Racing and Stunt Driving. Chelsea's drifting career began before he had an actual drivers license, at age 15 his Mother drove his car to the first major drift event in Miami for him. Soon after that Chelsea extended his driving abilities through schooling in Road-Racing and Stunt-Driving. Continuing along his road-racing path, he was granted an SCCA Pro racing license and started racing in several series. When his focus turned to the exploding sport of drifting, he quickly made a name for himself and was seen at drifting events all over the east coast and the majority of pro events throughout the States. DeNofa continued to hone his skills in 2007 thru 2011 by campaigning complete seasons of NOPI Drift, D1GP USA, and then proceeded to win back-to-back Xtreme Drift Championships in 2010 and 2011. Internationally, Chelsea has drifted in over 10 countries and been on the podium in Latvia and twice in Australia. Over the last 5 years Chelsea has pushed his efforts into Formula Drift. With a win at Long Beach and several top 3 qualifications, he has proved himself amongst the best in the world. In 2017 DeNofa joined forces with Formula Drift Champion Vaughn Gittin JR and the RTR Drift Team. From grassroots events worldwide to the no-lift entry at Formula Drift, Chelsea's great attitude, dedication to the sport, and limit pushing style will keep him on the road to victory.