2019 pro2 Drivers

Amanda Sorensen

  • Team Name: Sorensen Motorsports
  • Car Number: 112
  • Car Manufacturer: BMW


My name is Amanda Sorensen. I am 16 years old. I am born and raised from Las Vegas, NV. I have a younger brother Branden Sorensen who will also be competing in FD. I have been competing in the motorsports industry from a young age of 5. I had begun my racing career in BMX, shortly after that I had moved into Go Karting learning all the techniques good driver know.

Shortly after taking home multiple wins and championships in Go karting as well as breaking track records at my local go kart track, I had moved into the short course industry competing in 3 different Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. I competed in Mod karts my first year, and the following year I was racing Mod Karts as well as a Polaris 1000 UTV. My rookie year in the Razor UTV class I had dominated against the older men taking home the championship in 2016 at the age of 14. The following year (2017) I began racing desert as well as the short course totaling a count of 38 weekends on the road dedicated to racing in 4 different series. I had taken home multiple wins in desert in the women's UTV class, Polaris 1000 class, and UTV 700 class, along with multiple wins in the Polaris UTV 1000 class in short course.

When the racing season had come to an end for the year a family friend had invited my dad and I out to a Vegas Drift event. He threw me in his car and told me to give it a try! I picked it up quickly and thought I should give it a try for a season. A few months later my team purchased a drift car ( stock e46 m3 BMW) and from there on my brother and I had shared a car at every drift event. We had participated in the local monthly grass root events until we felt good enough to compete. On April 15, 2017 I competed in my first drift comp. I had gone out for first round of qualifying and let the adrenaline get to me taking her into the tire wall! My second run was decent but not enough to get me to top 16. Following that I had competed in a two more competitions for the season and just put in seat time during practice that I had needed.

In 2018 I wanted my own car so my team bought a e46 m3 chasis and we built an FD spec drift car in house. We had finished it just in time for Holley LS Fest west. Following that I had competed in the US Drift Shoutout at hyperfest in Virginia. I also have compete in The Drift League Pro-am series where I had got my first podium at round 3. I Finished 4th in points in TDL. 2019 will be my second year competing in drifting. This year I will also be racing a Trophy Truck in the Desert series on the West coast. On the off season of drifting I competitively compete in Figure Skating.

I am excited for the 2019 Formula Drift Season. My Goals for racing is to eventually receive my Pro 1 license, as well as be a monster Truck Driver.