Ryan Litteral

Ryan’s passion for sliding sideways has successfully projected him as one of the fan favorites. His raw style gives him the competitive edge that contributes to his showmanship. Ryan has gained much respect in the drifting community through his consistency, aggression, and unwavering commitment. This has propelled him as an international contender as the top 8 of the World Drift Series multiple times to ranking in the top 16 of Pro 2 for two consecutive years. Ryan’s involvement with other companies transcend outside of the track and into the community. As a California native, his dedication to leaving a positive and memorable impression can be sighted through local demos, requested appearances, and even instructing. He has built his reputation by trending his grassroots, purist style into both function and form. Ryan’s tenacity on and off the track proves that he is an up-and-coming talent not afraid to tap on his opponents’ doors.