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Mike Skudlarek Motorsports - Detroit Drifting Co.

Mike Skudlarek started drifting in 2007 at the age of 15. He was originally interested in road course racing, however Mike was too young to participate at the time. Having a sheer craving to be involved in motorsports, Mike searched for local racing event organizations of any kind that would allow him to get on a track. He got in touch with a group called Project ASpec, a small group of guys that had been hosting local drift events since 2001. Mike had known of drifting and was introduced to it by this group through videos they posted on the local car enthusiast forums. Mike already had an S13 he planned to use for road racing, but decided to stick with drifting after his first event.

Mike drove local events until 2009 where he placed 8th in his first competition with Drift Indy. The following year, Mike participated in the Midwest Drift Union Pro-Am Series, where he placed 4th overall and was picked as a wild card to drive at Irwindale for the Formula D Pro-Am Nationals. Mike would go on to place 6th at this event, earning himself a Formula Drift Professional License.

2011 was Mike Skudlareks first season in Formula Drift Pro competition. His season started out rough, but was fortunate enough to have Justin Pawlak give him some guidance throughout the season. Mike and his team were forced to end the season early due to mechanical failure, but learned many new methods and gained invaluable experience through the process.

Mike and his father Don spent countless hours over the off season to completely revamp the car in preparation for the 2012 Season. Mike and his team were able to complete 6 of 7 rounds of competition, and with no mechanical failures.

Mike decided to regroup and take a step back for 2013. With a solid car and knowledge of what it takes to be a top driver, Mike knew he had to focus on getting more seat time. The team participated in the Midwest Drift Union Pro-Am series again, where they eventually placed second overall, as well as US Drift Pro-Am and some other demo type events. The second place finish in MDU renewed Mike's Formula Drift Professional License.

Mike Skudlarek will compete in the Formula D Pro 2 series for 2014. The idea for this series fits perfectly for his team's situation. Mike and his crew are excited to compete and move on to Pro 1 competition once again!