Joon Maeng - #51

Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest

Joon Woo Maeng was born in Seoul, South Korea and moved to the United States at the age of 9. His passion for speed and cars began early in his childhood and he experienced his first adrenaline rush from participating in a drag race. Eventually, he began experimenting with the physics of speed and momentum that gave his car differentiating angles at local drifting events. Since then, he has remained loyal to his passion through drifting.

Joon Maeng's involvement in the Formula DRIFT Professional Championship has allowed him to seize his passion at a higher level. By competing with, befriending and supporting those who are experienced with the art of drifting, he realizes that there is no limit in improving as a driver and how important it is to keep a positive attitude, encourage and lend a helping hand to his friends and neighbors on and off the track.

In addition, Formula DRIFT serves as a platform where he is able to not only hone his drifting skills but also define and redefine his drifting limits. Joon Maeng is confident that he'll be able to showcase his drifting potentials more than ever before.

Joon Maeng's philosophy in life is to give, share and live in hope because they not only provide him with a sense of fortitude, but also keeps him grounded. With an unquestionable dedication to the sport of Drifting, Joon Maeng has proven himself a worthy competitor.

His attitude and exemplary work ethic have won over the hearts of both fans and fellow competitors. Ultimately, Joon Maeng desires and is determined to work as part of Team Lucas Oil Mav TV Protect The Harvest and will strive to underscore the reputation of his partners name and integrity.

NAME - Joon Maeng

AGE - 32

HEIGHT - 5'11"

WEIGHT - 155




NICKNAME - GentleMaeng

HOMETOWN - Cerritos, CA

RESIDENCE - Cerritos, CA

LANGUAGES - English / Korean

OCCUPATION - Pro Formula D Driver