Ian Fournier - #7

Loves to drift, always a happy camper and will do this as long as he can afford it..

I Started out at the Skyline Shop as there ticketed auto machanic which made me fall inlove with R32's. Then once it went under I moved onto a rotory and drag race shop, built alot of fun stuff which then got me into some diesel stuff and am now into the Oil industry in Manufacturing Frac pumps at

Since the Skyline shop I met some people that where into drifing in around 2006, then having an AE86 I started sliding around and falling in love with the sport. When it got stollen I took the oppertunity to use my job to my advantage and picked up my First R32 which was a street car till I entered the path to Formul D whichis what I am still using to this day as my FD car. Since then I have had a few of them, and also missle an S13.

NAME - Ian Fournier

AGE - 27

HEIGHT - 6'0

WEIGHT - 225




NICKNAME - Fournier

HOMETOWN - Abbotsford BC

RESIDENCE - Abbotsford BC