Andrew Gray

My partner Emily and I established Powervehicles as one of the premier exporters of Japanese modified cars, in Tokyo 11 years ago. After a partnership with our good friend Kazama-san of Kazama Auto and watching many grass roots and pro Events, we developed a keen interest in Drifting. I got myself a great starter car, the BN Sports 180sx and after a few practice days I got the bug and started entering small competitions. Inspired by Kazamas Demo car I developed a 600ps JZX100 Mark 2 with his help and was soon competing and doing well in local events. After the big GFC of 2007 the Export market died over night, leaving us looking for a way to downscale and weather the financial storm. In an aid to do this we closed our large yard and shop near Tokyo and moved 3 hours north from Tokyo up to Fukushima. That's where our home base remains, in the best place in the world for any drifter - In the heart of Ebisu Circuit! What was meant to be a downscaling for us turned a full 180 as when Kumakubo-san (Owner of Team Orange and Ebisu Circuit) set us up with some new premises we soon found a massive market for catering for foreign visitors wanting to drift in Ebisu. It's a match made in Heaven, as we could look after the foreigners from start to finish taking out all the stress of being in Japan. Now the export market has come back the shop is busier than ever, sending cars all over the world on top of what we do here at the circuit. We supply cars from basic 'missiles' right up to turn key comp cars and we build cars in house from the ground up with the help of our experienced Team. Hanging out with guys such as 2 Times D1 Champion Kumakubo and Team mate Suenaga, as well as regularly practicing with visiting stars such as Daigo Saito and Robbie Nishida, some of their skills can't help rub off on you. I soon climbed through all the ranks of D1 Divisional and D1 Street Legal to now a D1 GP the Top License in Japan. My now wife Emily is not only my best friend and great wife, but man can she drive too. She's learned a thing or 2 from Ebisu for sure. She also races a 600ps Chaser and we even had to battle each other at our Home track in the best 16 at D1SL Ebisu in 2014. How many guys can say they've battled the wife in a top level Drift Comp?! We clinched the 2015 Formula D Japan Championship so now want to Challenge the Top Drivers in the USA.