2014 Mats Baribeau GITN DRIFT JZX90 PART 1

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2014 GITN Drift JZX90….. JEMIMA on Steroids!!!

Ok where do I start…. The first round of Formula Drift is now over and after the last 3 months of hard work and MANY nights of working around the clock with no sleep, it has paid off! I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the huge help of my Team! Thank you Korey and Norm for all the long days and nights that you two spent working on the car where you could have easily been at home spending it with family. The dedication means a lot! Thank you as well to Phil from APS for the many times you ran around late at night picking up parts or welding for us as well, Andrew, for all the times you made the trek down to the shop to give us a hand and Todd for the awesome design you came up with for the car, it truly looks amazing this season! Lastly, a big thanks to my girlfriend Michaela for all the help behind the scenes in the office as well as all the support from my parents!

GITN Drift JZX90

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Chris Jeanneret’s 1000hp Formula Drift HONDA S2000

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Chris Jeanneret Formula Drift Speed factory Honda S2000 at Long Beach Blue Enkei NT03+M Wheels

We had the chance to take a few shots of Chris’ Speed Factory S2000 Formula Drift Car this past weekend. Chris was not able to get the car running in time for round 1 but we’re looking forward to seeing this S2k at Road Atlanta! He calibrated with Speed Factory this year, who is known for 1000+ hp drag racing Honda’s, so we can’t wait to see how it squares up against those V8′s. I’m sure Chris will have the huge Honda fan base cheering him on throughout the season. Awesome to see a Honda back in FD – We’re also stoked on those blue wheels – 18×9.5 Enkei NT03+M custom powder coated blue wrapped in Falken tires! Check out the photos and spec list after the jump! Feel free to share them with your friends.


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