Lone Star Drift: Formula Drift Pro-Am Series 2015 Schedule Released

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The Lone Star Drift: Formula Drift Pro-Am series is back for the 2015 season! Round 1 of the 2015 schedule kicks off March 28th at Gulf Greyhound Park near Houston, TX.


About Lone Star Drift
The Lone Star Drift: Formula Drift Pro-Am Series offers amazing drifting in the state of Texas. Structured as a six round points-series, winners are eligible to progress to Formula Drift. Each event includes Saturday practice followed by trackside parties at sundown. Sundays include more practice and competition. Spectators will be able to attend all events of the Lone Star Drift Series for a reasonable admission (typically $15.00). Although all events include a competition, beginner drivers are encouraged to come out, practice, and have a blast. To learn more about the Formula Drift Pro-Am series visit Lone Star Drift on Facebook or check out Lonestardrift.com.

Event Schedule
Round 1 of the Lone Star Drift Series, March 28 – Gulf Greyhound Park, La Marque, TX
Round 2 of the Lone Star Drift Series, April 25 – Mineral Wells Airport, Mineral Wells, TX
Round 3 of the Lone Star Drift Series, May 16 – Gulf Greyhound Park, La Marque, TX
Round 4 of the Lone Star Drift Series, June 13 – Texas Motor Speedway, Fort Worth, TX
Round 5 of the Lone Star Drift Series, Aug15 – Mineral Wells Airport, Mineral Wells, TX
Round 6 of the Lone Star Drift Series, Sept 19 – Gulf Greyhound Park, La Marque, TX

Lone Star Drift is sponsored by Enjuku Racing, Spec Clutch, Turbo by Garrett, BC Racing NA, Kenda Tires, ECUMaster. More than $10,000 in sponsored parts to the series winner.

Media Request Contact
For media inquiries regarding Lone Star Drift contact Tobias Gros at 512.698.0713 or tobiasdanielgros@gmail.com.


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March 12 TND

Irwindale, Calif. – - They’re back, they’re smokin’ sideways, and they’re wilder than ever! Beginning Thursday night March 12, Irwindale’s own Formula DRIFT open practice sessions will resume on the course that the entire civilized world now knows as the legendary “House of Drift” … aka: Irwindale Speedway right at the top of the 605 freeway.

 2015’s action-packed Thursday night under-the-lights practices will be held monthly with events now set for:

  • March 12
  • April 2
  • May 14
  • June 11
  • July 19
  • August 13
  • September 10
  • October 1
  • November 12
  • December 10

Each of the Thursday night sessions will start with a (public invited) technical inspection for the competition vehicles at 4PM and drift practice will run flat out from 5 to 8PM. The fan gates open at 4PM and there’s plenty of close-free parking.

 Open to the public (fans can watch from the stands and visit the pits as well) admission is only $10 per person. These will be nights when fans can see some of the best of the best getting tuned-up for the 2015 season as well as catching the acts of some of new, upcoming Drift talent as they test their driving skills and machines against the established pros.

 Anyone can run their properly-equipped* car for $75 and they can register right at the track on Thursday night.

For Technical Inquiries: Kevin@formulad.com


Right Drive Inc. Partners with Mats Baribeau

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right drive release


Vaughan, ON. – February 25, 2015 – Specialty vehicle importer Right Drive Inc. has partnered with 2013 Formula Drift Rookie of the Year Mats Baribeau for the upcoming Formula Drift season. Baribeau will be piloting a JZX100 Toyota Chaser provided by Right Drive.

“It was an easy decision to partner up with Right Drive. They are just a short drive away from our home base and them being the largest RHD dealer in Canada, I knew this would be a great fit with our program” states Mats Baribeau. “For 2015, we have been working extremely hard finding new partners for our program to allow us to build a car that will be competitive and reliable. We have shown that we can be competitive when everything is working correctly.”

Right Drive Inc., now in its 8th year of business, is located near Toronto, Ontario and has earned a reputation for importing high quality, reliable right hand vehicles. The Canadian company has its sights set on expanding its brand into the developing US market and cites the partnership as an ideal means of entry.

“I have watched Formula Drift grow tremendously over the past 11 years. Much like our own company it has come a long way from grassroots beginnings” says Michael Kent, president and founder of Right Drive Inc. “Being a Canadian company that is trying to break into the US is not an easy feat. This is why we approached Mats. We can’t think of a better driver to represent our company’s message in Formula Drift. Not only can Mats compete in drifting, he plays hockey too. We just had to be a part of his program. It is one heck of a Canadian team.”

Baribeau is one of only three Canadian drivers on the US based drift circuit and has earned the adoration of US fans with his right hand drive, 4 door Toyota Mark II.

“Mats is a talented driver who showcases his skills in an unconventional car. He stands apart from his competitors. This is why we felt that he was the perfect fit for our brand.  The Chaser is one of the coolest sedans ever built.” states Kent.

Mats’ 950hp 4 door Chaser will be one of the only right hand drive vehicles on the Formula Drift circuit. Unlike many of his competitors who opt for big V8 power, Mats kept and built the original JZ engine that is native to the car. This is something that also caught the eye of the Right Drive team.

“Our business success stems largely from our ability to source concourse vehicles that are well maintained, original and true. This is what has separated us from our competition and allowed us to grow year in and year out. Mats and his team stayed true to the JDM roots of the car which we appreciate.” states Matt Lacroix, marketing manager at Right Drive.

When asked about his decision to pilot a JZX100 Chaser, Baribeau stated that “The chassis is very similar to what I am familiar with as I have been drifting a JZX90 Mark II since 2008. I didn’t want to throw (away) the entire R&D that we have done, so staying with a chassis that our team knows inside and out was an easy choice to make.”

The Right Drive/Gold in the Net Chaser is scheduled to debut at Round 4 of the 2015 Formula Drift Championships in Wall Township, New Jersey. Mats will be signing t-shirts and hats at the event to commemorate the debut.

For additional information contact Matt Lacroix – matt@rightdrive.ca – 1-877-398-8220.

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Essa Autosport Welcomes SLP Camaro To 2015 Formula Drift Program

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DKAR-4467Essa Autosport is excited to announce a new partnership with SLP for the 2015 Formula Drift season. Michael Essa will be piloting a 2013 Chevrolet Camaro SS generously provided by SLP, stepping away from the BMW platform the team has popularized in Formula Drift since Essa’s early professional drifting career. Together with SLP and parent company Roush, Essa Autosport will be teaming up with friend Justin Pawlak, making for an interesting Chevy/Ford conglomeration in the Formula Drift paddocks.

DKAR-4470With the first round of Formula Drift quickly approaching on April 10-11 in Long Beach, the Essa Autosport team has their work cut out for them. The Camaro is currently in the tear down stage for upgrades such as Formula Drift legal cage and restraints, drivetrain upgrades such as transmission and differential, and several steering and suspension upgrades to make the car handle Essa’s extreme angle driving style. The full tear down, weight reduction, and power adding process will be extremely limited due to budget and time restrictions. Essa Autosport expects an interesting 6-7 weeks of building the car and sourcing parts.

DKAR-4486Testing is expected to be done nearing the car’s debut in Long Beach. Cutting it close to the big event ensures that no corners will be cut in the build in order to make early testing days. Essa Autosport has high expectations for the addition of the Camaro to their professional drift program. The first year in a chassis is tough, but Essa’s team is excited and motivated to work through the shake down and tuning process to earn results and podium appearances they strive for.

The 2015 Formula Drift season opens on April 10-11 in Long Beach, one week before the world renowned Grand Prix of Long Beach.

Words and photos by David Karey – AmDrift.com – david@amdrift.com