Formula DRIFT Canada – Top 16 Qualifying Results





Here is the unofficial Top 16 results for Formula DRIFT Canada

1. Kenneth Kenny Moen
2. Daigo saito
3. Marc-landreville-racing
4. Forrest Wang
5. Dean Karnage Kearney
6. Alex Gosselin
7. Robbie Nishida
8. Charles KaKi Ng
9. Kevin Morin
10. Alex Michaud
11. Tommy Bellemart
12. Chelsea DeNofa
13. Brad Carlton
14. Maxime Lemoine
15. Jonathan Guitard
16. Miro Ovcharik

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The first leg of Formula D Japan was held during the Japan Motor Games last July 6 to 7 together with the World Time Attack Challenge. The event had familiar drivers/tuners from the Japanese community as well as visitors and competitors from all around the world. I will split my coverage into several parts to take a closer look on some builds. Enjoy.

This 86 was on display for Work Wheels Japan, it was build by Dream Garage for Daisuke Miyazaki and it had an LS1 from a C5 Vette. It also sports a custom kit from TRA-Kyoto and Work DR9′s.

The car started as a base model ZN6, the unpainted body parts just adds character.

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[VIDEO] MOTOR GAMES Our Own Motorsport Festival Okayama International Circuit as Round 4 of Formula Drift Asia Championship

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[VIDEO] SE7EN1 Formula Drift Seattle 2014

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[VIDEO] Formula DRIFT Seattle In Car Camera w/Ryan Tuerck and others (2014)

Formula DRIFT Seattle In Car Camera w/Ryan… by driftstream

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